• Wed. Feb 1st, 2023


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Lioness killed by another lion in front of visitors at Safari Park on new year’s day

Jan 4, 2023

A lioness has been killed by another lion at a safari park in Longleat Safari Park, Wiltshire, UK.

Longleat Safari Park, a popular attraction for families in the UK due to its large collection of animals, allows guests to drive through enclosures to see various animals. However, on New year’s day, cars were barred from entering one area of the park due to an ‘unknown major incident’.

Longleat Safari Park took to their website to confirm that this was due to the death of a lioness.

A spokesperson said: ‘This weekend (1st January 2023) saw one of the lionesses at Longleat sadly killed by another lion.

‘This kind of incident is very rare but can naturally occur amongst apex predators.

‘It happened incredibly quickly, with the lioness dying almost instantly.

‘Our professional keepers were immediately on the scene, however the timescales involved meant there was no possibility of intervention.

‘There was no risk to guests.’