• Thu. Jan 26th, 2023


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Plastic surgeon, Lenny Hochstein accuses estranged wife Lisa of ‘abuse’

Jan 5, 2023

Plastic surgeon, Lenny Hochstein has lashed at his estranged wife and Real Housewives of Miami star, Lisa, for allegedly subjecting him to abuses. 


Lenny in an exchange with a social media follower, alleged that Lisa never helped him with the smallest requests, yelled at him continuously and also established a life completely away from him. 


The 56-year-old surgeon wrote; 


“Lisa treated me like her servant.

“She refused to help me with the smallest requests, yelled at me on a weekly if not daily basis, established a life completely away from me, stayed out partying when I was home, criticized everything I did (except working hard), shoved her friends who I disliked down my throat, embarrassed me in public in front of my friends and refused to do anything with me.”


Lenny began dating his current girlfriend, Katharina Mazepa, before leaving Lisa in May 2022 after 12 years of marriage.


27-year-old Mazepa recently told Page Six that she and Lisa, 40, ran in the “same social circle.”


The Hochsteins’ messy split including the moment Lenny was caught via a hot mic gloating about the end of his marriage while dragging Lisa through the mud, is airing in real time on “RHOM.”


The pair share son Logan, 7, and daughter Elle, 2.