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"The enemy fought from the start to end your glory" Singer Victony’s mother shares his birth and life story with him on his birthday to reiterate how special he is

Jan 5, 2023

Singer Victony has shared the emotional message his mother sent to him on his birthday.


The “Soweto” singer turns 22 today, Jan 5.


In a birthday message, his mother recounted all she went through while pregnant with him. She also narrated how she suffered several near misfortunes while in labour.


After he was born, he also suffered several health crises, including the latest one which occurred in April 2021, where he was involved in a fatal accident that resulted in the death of 1 person and put the singer in a wheelchair.


“I’m telling you all these to draw lessons on how special you are and how the enemy fought from the start to end your glory,” his mother wrote.