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Girl, 12, arrested after stabbing her brother, 9, to death while their parent slept upstairs

Jan 9, 2023

A 12-year-old girl is currently in police custody in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after stabbing her 9-year-old brother to death.

Police said the children’s parent was asleep upstairs at their Tulsa residence shortly before midnight on Thursday January 5, when the daughter woke them and said that she had stabbed her brother. 


The girl is in juvenile custody with the Tulsa Police Child Crisis Unit in charge of the investigation. She is being held at the Family Center for Juvenile Justice, according to a Tulsa Police news release.

Police responded to the incident late on Thursday night, according to the news release.

When officers arrived, firefighters and paramedics ‘were already on scene and performing CPR to a 9-year-old male victim,’ police said.


The CPR was performed at the River Bank Plaza Apartments complex, according to the New York Post. 


The boy ‘was rushed to the hospital and taken into surgery,’ but died due to his injuries shortly after 2:30 a.m. CT, police said.  

This is the second homicide in the city of Tulsa this year, the department said.


Tulsa Police Department Chief Franklin tweeted: ‘All homicides are tragic, but the 2nd homicide of 2023 in Tulsa shows a definitive societal problem. The question is, how does society address a child killing another child?’ 


Police have not revealed a motive for the killing, stating it will be the court’s burden to uncover intent.


‘Obviously, we did some interviews, but interviews with a 12-year-old are very preliminary,’ Captain Richard Meulenberg from the Tulsa Police Department told Fox 23. ‘This, unfortunately, has no easy end or easy path, this is going to be a long, convoluted process that’s going to be extremely taxing on everyone involved in this.’