• Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023


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"I grew up having to defend my profession" – US-based Nigerian artist says her partner is ashamed to tell his parents she is an artist

Jan 16, 2023

A Nigerian lady based in New York, Uzo Njoku, has said she won’t marry a man who is ashamed to tell people that she is an artist.


The visual artist, who moved to America when she was seven, stated this on Saturday, January 14, 2023, after her partner said he will introduce her to his parents as an ‘entrepreneur’ 


“This guy was talking about introducing me to his parents. I asked what would you tell them my occupation is? He said an entrepreneur. I asked why not an artist and he told me to be serious,” she tweeted. 


“Like I get how close minded some people are, but there is no way you can be my partner if you’re ashamed to tell people I’m an artist.” she added.