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Jailed Russian serial killer rapist nicknamed ‘The Werewolf’ who killed 83 women volunteers to fight for Putin in Ukraine

Jan 16, 2023

Russia’s bloodiest serial killer rapist has volunteered to fight for President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine.


Sex attacker Mikhail Popkov, 58, wants to join a controversial scheme that has seen thousands of murderers, rapists, and other hardened criminals become mercenaries because Putin pardons those who fight and stay alive for six months.


Ex-policeman Popkov, nicknamed ‘The Werewolf’ and the ‘Angarsk Maniac’ has killed 83 women and is serving two life sentences plus nine years after three separate trials.


A police source believes his true toll is ‘closer to 200’.


Popkov raped most of his victims aged 18 to 50 before killing them with axes, hammers, knives, screwdrivers, and spades.


Speaking with state TV interview behind bars, he pleaded to join Putin’s fighters, claiming he had radio-electronics experience from his time as a Red Army conscript.


He hopes to use the sickening Kremlin scheme which has freed as many as 40,000 convicts to gain his liberty.


He was asked by Russian state TV: ‘What is your dream?’


He replied: ‘To join the army.’


The mass killer said: ‘I would not hesitate to do so [join the war].


‘If I refer to my military registration profession, I think it’s in rather high demand now…


‘Though it’s probably more modern these days – radio-electronics…


‘But even though I’ve been in prison for 10 years, I don’t think it would be so hard to learn [new skills] quickly.’


Married father-of-one Popkov conducted a reign of terror against women out alone between 1992 and 2010 in his home city Angarsk which he wanted to ‘cleanse of prostitutes’.


A psychiatric evaluation diagnosed Popkov with homicidal mania, ‘a condition when a person has an irrational desire to kill someone’, reported TASS.