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"May the universe punish everyone that troubled you" – Nigerian lady mourns sister-in-law who ‘committed suicide after her husband’s betrayal’

Jan 19, 2023

The deceased

A Nigerian woman, Engr Amy Evelyn Chukwuemeka, has mourned her sister-in-law, Ebere, who allegedly committed suicide by hanging after she was “betrayed by her husband.”


Evelyn disclosed this on Tuesday, January 17, 2023, when she commented on a LIB post about a Kenyan man who set the wrong house ablaze, killing a family of seven. 


“Can people learn to let go and live instead of causing pain to others: This is how my sister-in-law hanged herself last week Monday because of betrayal from her husband,”


In a post on her Instagram page, she urged Ebere to take revenge on everyone who troubled her so much that she had to take her own life.


She also advised ladies to develop self love and be intentional about protecting their lives. 


“To my fellow ladies, please develop self love for yourself. Be intentional about cherishing and protecting your lives no matter what,” she wrote. 


No matter what you are going through don’t ever think of suicide. Please don’t ever consider or imagine taking your own life. No, it should never be an option. Don’t dare entertain it because thoughts materialize into action controlled by forces greater than one. Deliberately hold God tight and be serious with your prayer life.


Most of the men you will sacrifice all for will use the result of your sweat to bring ladies that will use any means possible to manipulate and control you until they end you so that they can have access to the reproach called husbands you suffered for. It did not start today and will not end so don’t fall a victim and then give them what they want.


Ebere!!! you did me shege. I wish I can see you and ask you what pushed you into killing yourself. I wish it is just simple to summon you and demand a clear explanation. Yes, I need it.


“Eby!!!  The only thing I want to hear is how you took revenge. Ebere I want to hear tragedies befalling them. Go after them from A to Z. Make them beg for death while alive. You can’t walk away that simple with ridicule in death. May the universe punish each and everyone who troubled you despite your effort and plea for peace. May the sun and moon shine pain and misery into their lives. For your pain, may the Almighty return trillion folds of pain into their lives.It will never be well with them”