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Singer Lewis Capaldi forced to stop concert after spotting fans fighting in crowd

Jan 19, 2023

Singer Lewis Capaldi who took the stage in Manchester yesterday (18 January) as part of his ongoing ‘Broken By Desire to be Heavenly Sent’ tour across the UK and Europe, was forced to temporarily stop his performance after a fight broke out in the crowd.


The 26-year-old Scottish singer was performing ‘Hold Me While You Wait’, one of the singles from his debut album, when he spotted an altercation taking place in the standing area of the crowd on the floor in front of the stage.


Capaldi quickly held up his hands to his band and the lights were brought up to let the security get to work.


The singer was heard saying; 


“They are scrapping in the crowd there. Erm, we are going to have to get them out.”


As the audience realized what was happening around them, they stopped singing along to the track and swapped it for a chorus of boos. Lewis continued: “We can’t be fighting,” before adding: “What a weird song to fight to. Bizarre, bizarre.”


As the situation gets under control the excited crowd starts chanting the singer’s name. 


Capaldi is set to continue his tour tonight in Liverpool, though hopefully no one will feel the need to throw any punches over his emotional tracks this time.