• Thu. Feb 9th, 2023


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Kelly Clarkson granted restraining orders against two people

Jan 20, 2023

Singer and show host Kelly Clarkson has been granted a long-term legal protection against two individuals who keep showing up at her house uninvited and causing disturbances.


Clarkson was granted a 5-year permanent restraining order on Thursday, January 19, against Victor Fernandez and Huguette Nicole Young. Both Young and Fernandez are prohibited from making contact of any kind with Kelly or her kids and must stay at least 100 yards away.


This is coming after Fernandez pulled up to Kelly’s home in a semi-truck on Thanksgiving, peering over her security gate and stating he was there to see Kelly. He returned to the home on more than one occasion.


Asides from asking for a meeting with Clarkson, Fernandez also took photos of a vehicle carrying her kids.


Young on the other hand, showed up more than 18 times at Clarkson’s house often leaving gifts and notes. Young continued to come to Clarkson’s home even after a temporary restraining order was issued.