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Ladies who spent £4k for veneers in Turkey reveal they’ve been in agony and haven’t been able to drink anything hot for 5 months

Jan 20, 2023

A lesbian couple who splashed £4,000 on Turkey teeth have said they’re in agony and haven’t been able to drink anything hot for five months.


Jade and Kelly Tushingham who are an item stated that the cosmetic veneers have “ruined their lives”.


Ladies who spent ?4k for veneers in Turkey reveal they


Getting veneers fitted involves shaving down teeth before fitting the new set over the top of them.


The Chester-based couple revealed that they enthusiastically packed their bags and jetted off to Antalya, Turkey, after dreaming of having perfect smiles.


After getting the pearly whites fitted, Jade and Kelly are now warning others against getting the procedure done abroad. They claim they were lured in by cheaper dental prices and decided they wanted to make the most of the trip. 


Getting veneers fitted in the UK costs around £20,000 per person, so they opted to pay £4,240 for both of them overseas.


Ladies who spent ?4k for veneers in Turkey reveal they


They are now in unbearable pain, unable to eat or drink anything but soup and mashed potatoes.


Recounting how the procedure was carried out, the couple said they were given doses of local anesthetic before dentists filed their teeth down.


They disclosed they experienced an “instant” pain and then had to wait a pain-staking five hours in the clinic’s reception for dentists to fit temporary veneers on their “shark teeth”.


In the five days that followed, while they waited for their permanent fittings, the couple say their teeth ”stubs” ached.


On the sixth day, the loved-up pair were finally called back to have their crowns fitted but both describe the procedure as being ”like a blood bath”.


Ladies who spent ?4k for veneers in Turkey reveal they


They are now considering revisiting the Turkey clinic to demand they fix their teeth. Jade told The Sun; 


“I’ve always wanted it done, even though my teeth before were actually OK.

“But even now, we’re both still in constant pain.

“All the food at the hotel looked beautiful, but we just couldn’t eat any of it.

“We survived on mashed potatoes and soup, even drinking was difficult as our teeth were so sensitive.

“Looking back now, we 100% would not have had it done.

“We used some savings we already had to pay for it doing.

“They look lovely, and in pictures are perfect but it’s like a nightmare.”


Ladies who spent ?4k for veneers in Turkey reveal they


Jade who also recalled how he reached out to the dentist about the pains they’ve been experiencing said; 


“We messaged the dentist on Instagram about it when we got back.

“It was difficult to communicate due to the language barrier, but she advised us to take Ibuprofen for five days and also try a muscle relaxant.

“We had already been taking Ibuprofen anyway and it didn’t make a difference, so we didn’t know what to do.

“Nothing seemed to take the pain away. Eating a hot meal followed by a cold drink is just awful.

“We can’t even have a cup of tea because our teeth are so sensitive.

“Everywhere we go we have painkillers.

“No dentists in the UK would even touch them.

“Our teeth visually do look lovely, and we have people asking us all the time where we had them done because they want theirs doing.

“We always say no, absolutely do not have them done. We would never recommend them to anyone.”