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"Peace Paul and Sina Adeleke, God will punish you" Heidi Korth calls out estranged husband Sina Rambo and their househelp he allegedly slept with

Jan 20, 2023

Heidi Korth, the estranged wife of Sina Adeleke, aka Sina Rambo, has taken to Instagram to make damaging claims about him.


First, she accused him of owing $48,000 to the hospital in Atlanta where they had their baby.


She called him a criminal and accused him of beating her up and starving their daughter.


She also said he sent his sisters to gang up against her and beat her in public in a restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos.


She alleged that he is threatening her now that she left him with her kids to protect her mental health.


She also shared screenshots of messages she says are from Sina, begging her to be nice to him and stop calling him out publicly.


In the chats, he told her he still loves her so much and asked how she can hate him.


Korth wrote to him that marriage is not by force and he should leave her alone.


She then shared a video of a girl she says was their househelp. She alleged Sina was sleeping with the girl and she told Sina that he is now free to sleep with all the househelps in the neighbourhood.


She also called out their househlep for allegedly paying her back with evil despite how nice she was to her.


Korth wrote: “Peace Paul and Sina Adeleke, you are both disgusting and God will punish you.


“Look at this dirty girl Sina, you are disgusting.”


Sina is the son of Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke. He married Heidi Korth on October 22, 2021, and they welcomed their daughter months later in May 2022.


In Dec 2022, Korth announced she has left Sina and made allegations of domestic violence.


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