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"Do not suffer a woman to have authority over a man" Reno Omokri criticises Methodist Church for ordaining female bishop

Jan 24, 2023

Reno Omokri has condemned the Methodist Church in Nigeria for ordaining a female bishop for the first time.


Reno asked where ordaining a female bishop is approved of in the scripture.



He pointed out that Christ had female followers who donated money to his ministry yet he did not name them amongst his 12 apostles.


He also said that Apostle Paul had female followers who sponsored his ministry but he didn’t make any of them an elder


He added that the scripture gave clear guidance on women’s role in the church.


“I do not suffer a woman to have authority over a man,” he quoted what he claims is the bible’s place for women in Christianity.


He added that Christians doing things that are not in accordance with the scriptures is why “Islam will continue to outgrow us.”