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Who is at the forefront of NIgeria’s booming Public Relations Industry?

Mar 29, 2023

The Nigerian PR industry has experienced considerable growth over the last few years and we cannot discuss the trajectory of PR in Nigeria without ample mentions of young PR Agencies like Media Panache Nigeria.


This PR agency, which started on WhatsApp 7 years ago has worked arduously to mend the reputational deficiency Nigerian PR has suffered over the years. With a team of creative professionals and PR practitioners, Media Panache has spearheaded some of Nigeria’s most creative Campaigns. One example is the Detty December concerts headlines by top performers and musicians including Davido, Olamide, Burna Boy, Wizkid which not only trended on social media but attracted even Nigerians in diaspora.


The Company has also led several campaigns for brands and businesses including; JumiaTetra Pak West AfricaMTN FoundationOK Foods, Symrise, amongst others. They were also the pioneers of the award-winning Jobberman Campaign tagged ‘Unity in Diversity’ which won a certificate of excellence at the SABRE Awards.


Speaking on the progress of the company so far, CEO, Timilehin Bello attributed Media Panache‘s success to an unwavering passion to see Public Relations in Nigeria stand side by side with the works of its international counterparts. In his words, “Nigeria is filled with creative geniuses, and if we do not tell our stories, someone else will build a wrong  narrative that we will eventually start to believe”. 


“We must admit that PR in Nigeria has come a long way from the reputational conundrum it was once associated with. We now have PR taught in universities, communication experts getting certified and PR experts actually doing real PR, solid storytelling. Ultimately, it is our responsibility as PR professionals to practice PR the right way and do justice to educating others about the true tenets of the profession. This was our vision when we started on WhatsApp 7 years ago. It was not just about making money, it was about leaving a legacy, and so far, we have achieved this to a large extent”, he said.


Beyond leading creative Campaigns within Nigerian borders, Media Panache has made a name for itself by becoming the world’s gateway to Nigeria. They have handled several campaigns for companies across Africa, Europe, the Americas who are looking to establish a presence here in Nigeria or target a Nigerian market. 

The Company also launched Nigeria’s first ever PR workbook in 2020. The comprehensive workbook is replete with practical definitions, unique tips from PR professionals and on-the-job case studies, encapsulated in modules to bridge the gap between theory and practice in the Nigerian PR profession.


Visit www.mediapanacheng.com to start a campaign and follow @mediapanacheng on Instagram & Twitter or email [email protected] for more information.